Custom Software Development Bogotá Colombia

Custom Software Development Bogotá Colombia
Custom Software Development

The development of customized software is a technological service currently in high demand, driven by the increased use of computers and internet by companies, and the digitization of many of the data and processes of organizations.

Software has become an indispensable tool for organizations, to the extent that it helps them to better organize their processes, make them more efficient, have greater control, play with statistics to know how their variables are doing, try to predict future events, or act quickly in the face of eventualities.

For this reason, software development is one of the fastest growing activities in the economy, but it also lacks specialized personnel to meet current and future demand.

Custom software development needs

Custom software development needs vary from one company to another, but we could name a few of them:

Process Automation:

  • Digitization of manual processes for greater control, storage and efficiency.
  • Automation of complex and repetitive time-consuming tasks.
  • Information systems for the management of sales, purchases, inventories, customers, projects, human resources, payroll, accounting, financial and other business processes.
  • Industrial control systems.
  • Networked device monitoring and control systems.
  • Use of artificial intelligence to find patterns among the data obtained and make decisions of different types.
  • IoT systems for measuring different types of variables through sensors, storing them through big data methodologies, and statistical analysis of the collected data.
  • Recording and tracking of the different steps of a company’s process, for its control and accurate monitoring from states and change times between them.
Process Automation - Custom Software
Process Automation – Custom Software Development

Commercial applications:

  • Front end web applications for the commercial management of wholesalers or suppliers.
  • Web pages for commercial and marketing purposes.
  • Mobile applications as complements to your business processes, including sales or direct customer orders.
  • Web or mobile applications for e-commerce or virtual stores.
Commercial applications - Custom Software
Commercial applications Custom Software Development

Use of Open Source software :

  • Adaptations of opensource applications such as Moodle, Asterisk, Open Project, etc. to any company process.
  • Integration of open source software with new programs.
Uso of open source software
Uso of open source software

Software maintenance:

  • Maintenance of existing applications, to modify or add functions.
  • Integration of existing systems to generate a single service solution.
Software maintenance  - Custom Software development
Software maintenance

For entertainment:

  • Standard, web or mobile applications for entertainment.
  • Applications based on geolocation, or new technologies such as Lidar, 3d photography, virtual or augmented reality.
  • Creation of games for different commercial or marketing purposes.
 - Custom Software for entertainment
Custom Software for entertainment

Data analysis and reporting:

  • Statistical analysis of large amounts of data (Big Data).
  • Statistical report management.
  • Use of artificial intelligence for the generation of proactive or predictive reports.
  • Transformation of statistical data into accurate information for the operation of a company.
Custom software for data analysis
Custom software for data analysis

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