Study Case: Face Recognition and Access Control systems integration

The high precision level and fast reponse of face recognition systems has expanded its applicability to different kind of security systems, incluiding the integration with access control software to authorize people entering o leaving a company.

Face Recognition NeoFace – access control

This time we refer in this post about the sucess case of the project of NEC Colombia for Gran Colombia Gold (CGC) led by ITSoftwareColombia, integrating the face recognition system NeoFace Watch from NEC, and the software of access control Veasytor from Impacto Tecnólógico company.

The face recognition system Neoface Watch is widely recognized as a high impact tool to quick and accurate identification of people from a preload list with photos and personal data. This system can be used for different kind of application for security issues.

About the CGC project , NeoFace Watch is the core to detect and match people that want enter or leave for the company, integrated with the access control software Veasytor, to be the front end system to enrroll people (personal data and photo), for visitors, contractors and employees, including information for maximum permission date and authorized sites.

A first draft of the network topology and elements for this project as shown below:

NT Face Recognition and Access Control Integration
NT Face Recognition and Access Control Integration

Veasytor authorize the entry or exit of people from CGC building keeping in mind:

  • Positive match confirmation from NeoFace Watch camera located for entry or exit door.
  • Current date less than maximum permission date (in the future will be date and time within the authorized work schedules)
  • Site or sites authorized to the people.
  • Status of work for employees.

Once all these requirements are satisfied, an opening signal is sent to the control card for entry or exit door, now the control card send a dry contact for the correspondent relay to unblock the pass of people for this door.

The face recognition system allow to identiy univocal, quick and accuretely to employees, visitors and contractors when they ingress or exit the company, avoiding unauthorized acess or identity theft of authotized people.

Veasytor perform the front end activities, so this software is integrated to Neoface using the Web Service APIs provided by Nec. This API allow enroll people, send or receive personal data, photos Neoface lists, match confirmations, trace log of match records, etc.

On the other hand, the integration also included create a new API Webservice to send the paired entry/exit records from NeoFace to the roter system of GCG. This function allow receive the real and accurate records of people ingressing or leaving the company, to be compared with another manual reports from field coordinators, and to calculate the work hours also.

The paired records are designed to recognize valid entries and exits and also detect inconsistent records when they can’t be paired sequentially as is shown below:

Entry/Exit paired records Neoface Watch
Entry/Exit paired records Neoface Watch

The face recognition integration with different kind of systems, allow create new security applications, with no intrusive biometric sensors, using a fast and accurate technology.

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