ITSoftware SAS, Data Analytics Company

In this article I am going to mention a success case of ITSoftware SAS as a software development and cloud services company based in Bogotá, Colombia, related to big data analytics.

ITSoftware, Data analytics company
ITSoftware, Data analytics company

ITSoftware is a software development company with extensive experience in the conceptualization, design, construction, testing, documentation, support and maintenance of different applications, whether standard, web or mobile, under different programming languages and models, and different database engines.

Among the many success stories of ITSoftware as a software development company, I want to make special mention to the web application called NEPAM. It is a distributed application developed for the Japanese multinational NEC of Colombia, to support its support and maintenance operation of the microwave radio network of the mobile operator Claro Colombia.

This story arises from the need that Claro had to know more quickly the behavior of its transmission equipment network, being that nationwide they were handling thousands of equipment, which during the course of the day were delivering millions of alarms, events and performance information; which were always overwhelming the attention capacity of the people who monitored the network.

This is how the software development company ITSoftware SAS was contacted to make the analysis and study of how to manage those millions of daily records, and make the best use of them to generate a greater added value to the monitoring service.

This is how the tool began to be conceptualized to handle daily events and data of different types, stored in a relational database, building not only reports of the historical behavior of the network, but also predictive reports, which allowed the monitoring staff to request attention in the field to prevent sites that were already in a degradation phase from ending up in serious failures that would affect the network time-up.

From then on, other preventive and informative functionalities were added by e-mail. It reached the point of informing, almost in real time, the sites that had serious degradation tendencies, or those that were inevitably out of service. All this was possible after a joint study with NEC’s radio specialists to find patterns that would make it possible to extract relevant information from the gigantic universe of data to find key points that would indicate imminent declines in service indicators.

The tool became an indispensable part of the monitoring service, avoiding losses and fines in the event of serious mobile cellular service failures; identifying trends of service degradation, early warning of sites with problems, creating preventive actions for sites with recurrent failures, promptly informing about the need for on-site attention to cellular service failures.

This is a clear example of how software development can significantly improve the performance of companies, taking advantage of existing information to give it an actionable value, which is expressed in lower losses, shorter reprocessing times, agility in the attention and prevention of contingencies, and greater satisfaction of end customers.

The software development company ITSoftware SAS is at your disposal to work together with your company to get the best out of your company’s information, doing data mining and statistical analysis, to help you find that hidden value that is stored throughout the universe of data of your corporation.

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