Designing a web page to sell our products

Designing a Web page is an activity that consists of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of Web sites. It is not simply the implementation of the conventional design since it covers different aspects such as web graphic design, interface design and user experience, such as navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture, media interaction, among which we can mention audio, text, image, links, video and search engine optimization.

Website design to sell products
Website design to sell products

Often many people work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although there are some independent designers who work alone. ( Different Jobs and responsibilities of various people involved in creating a webside)

In order to achieve a good website, three stages must be taken into account:

  • The design of the information to be edited.

When designing a web page, the layout of the text, graphics, links to other documents and other multimedia objects that are considered relevant should be considered at this stage. It is important to initially make a sketch or pre-design, this will facilitate to have a clear order on the design.

  • Structure and hierarchical relationship of the website pages.

For this and to manage the links between documents, the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML was created, which consists of a series of elements that structure the text and are presented in the form of hypertext by user agents or browsers. These are links that, when clicked on, lead to other pages with related information.

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO

It consists of optimizing the structure of the content to improve the position in which the page appears in a given search.

Why SEO is important? The most important reason why SEO is necessary is because it makes your web page more useful for both users and search engines, although the latter are becoming more sophisticated every day, they still cannot see a web page as a human can. It is also indispensable to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.

  • Domain registration

registro de dominio1Although it may seem very simple, the domain name definition, the domain category (.com, .net, .org, info, .name, .biz, .tv, .gov, .ed ) and the country code (.bo, .br, .cl ) is critical and must be carefully established based on the company’s line of business, market, destination and domain name availability.

You must take into account something very important and it is that someone inside the company acquires the ownership of the domain to have total control over it. Because if this is not done and you do not personally take care of registering your domain, it is very likely that it will be under the control of a third party outside your company.

  • Hosting

hostingSo that your Web page can be visited by Internet users, in addition to the domain name, you must hire a hosting service (web hosting) through which your company will have a disk space within a Web server connected to the Internet and also a connected number of e-mail accounts, personalized with the name of your domain, for example: [email protected], which you can assign to the employees that require them.

  • Website maintenance

Everything evolves and your company is no exception. It is very likely that you will have to make some adjustments to your Web site from time to time due to product changes, new contact personnel, new distributors, news, events, technical information updates, new articles, etc. The frequency of maintenance varies from company to company, as there are companies that require changes week after week, and others that revise the content of their Web site once a year.

  • Designing a Web site

The union of a good design with a well elaborated hierarchy increases the efficiency of the Web as a channel of communication and data exchange, which offers possibilities such as direct contact between the producer and the consumer of contents, a characteristic that stands out a lot on the Internet.

  • Deployment of the Web site

It is not only necessary that your Web site has a nice design, but in order to be visited frequently and generate business opportunities, potential customers must know that your site exists, and there must be a way to locate it easily. Even though there are several ways of diffusion, currently the most effective method is the positioning of the Web page in search engines, since it is through search engines that Internet users locate the products and services they require.

Nowadays, it is necessary to update our businesses or companies and the best way to do it is using technology as one of the best advertising tools, for this purpose it is essential to know how to create and design a Web page, and offer through this means our products, and this advertising medium will be successful if we create an innovative design that attracts the attention of customers.

Also when designing a web page we must think about making it easy to access, so we will not only be known locally, but nationally and even internationally, if we have a broader vision, everything is in setting a goal and take on challenges, to achieve what we want.

Our attitude and desire to progress in such a competitive environment requires study, training and a great positivism to do things well, always thinking not only in our welfare but also in the welfare of those people to whom we offer what we offer, which logically must be of excellent quality, to gain prestige and recognition in relation to service and quality.

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